Attendant Care

Do you or your loved one need assistance with personal care on a daily basis?

Respite Care

Respite services provide relief to the home-based caregiver. If you need to run errands, or need a break a few hours we can assist with temporary care.

Habilitation Services

Does your loved one need a little more assistance with learning how to complete everyday tasks? Does he or she need help staying on track while completing tasks?

I started Aunni's Health Care Services because as a Mother of a child with a developmental disability, I became exhausted with the many different agencies I went through to provide care for my daughter.

Tashana Mitchell
CEO & Owner
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About Us

Aunni's Healthcare Services operates from the understanding that every individual and family have a prescribed destiny to fulfill in life. The “limitations”, in their lives represent challenges and lack of insight—which often pose as the greatest threat to fulfillment. Therefore, we seek to facilitate illumination on the borders that may exist.

Our dedicated Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) and support staff promote successful community living and work to enhance the individuals we support with dignity, self-esteem, and quality of life. Aunni's Healthcare values transparency, integrity, and ethical behavior. From our family to yours, we are here to make you and your loved one's life easier and efficient.

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Employee of the Month

Rochelle Garafola

We are proud to announce that Rochelle Garafola has been recognized as this month's Employee of the Month. This honor reflects not only the dedication and work ethic Rochelle brings to her job, but also embodies the company's values.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rochelle, and thank her for her commitment to our mission!

Along side of her is the AUDIT TEAM MANAGER- Dakota Certain. Below are some words from our staff regarding Rochelle:

"Rochelle is always timely and communicative. I never have to worry about Rochelle when it comes to doing what she is supposed to do during work hours."


"Rochelle is a great employee! She does things in a timely manner and is always kind when she comes into the office."


“Rochelle is a great worker who is dedicated to providing exceptional services with our members. We are proud to call her a team member and look forward to many more years of working together.”


"Rochelle provides excellent service and communication. Her care and dedication to the members is admirable and always a joy to see."

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Your Comfort Is Our Care

Adult Day Program Services that provide specialized sensory, motor, cognitive, communicative, social interaction, and behavioral training to promote skill...

Transportation We provide non-emergency ground transportation as prior approved by the Division when transportation is not already required by...

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Our Testimonials

What People Are Saying
About Our Services

"I had the pleasure of meeting two of your staff members. One worked with my brother-in-law this week. he worked diligently and was eager to learn on how to work with my brother-in-law. How refreshing to finally meet such professional and compassionate people. This reflects highly on your part to hire people of this caliber. I look forward to working with your company."
Our Testimonials

What People Are Saying
About Our Services

"My Experience was exceptional. Aunni's promptly contacted me and began to work on my child's services started. They were very accommodating and helpful in getting the ball rolling."
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Trusted & Experience High Quality Service

Integrity, Honesty, and Ethical Behavior
Dedication to Empowerment of Others and Personal Responsiveness
Professional Excellence and High Performance
Mutual Respect, Individual Dignity, and Diversity
Team Member Participation, Contribution, and Teamwork
Growth, Development, and Leadership.
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